Company profile

The company’s owner, Dr.-Ing. habil. Peter Schaller, worked as a member of the scientific staff at the University Hospital at TU Dresden for over 25 years.

During this time, he acquired in-depth knowledge of the treatment and diagnosis of pulmonary disorders in newborns, which can be clearly seen in the company’s products. As a result, the company has set itself the task of supplying hospitals and the medical technology industry with specific products for volume flow sensors for ventilation and also with nasal tubes for CPAP treatment.

At Dr. Schaller Medizintechnik, theory and practice are combined into one, with every new development always being based on well-founded mathematical preparations via simulation using Matlab/Simulink (The Mathworks). 3D construction for mechanical development takes place using Solidworks (Solidworks Corporation), while Labview (National Instruments) serves as a major tool for computer-aided final inspections.
This means that high-class developmental tools are available for realising every product, right from the initial idea through to the tested product.

Single piece production for small and large lots using laser beam cutting, injection moulding or machined processing takes place through proven cooperation partners; only the assembly and final testing are carried out by the company itself.

Solid laboratory equipment including milling machines, lathes and other tools also enables the production of complicated prototypes and test samples.
This makes it possible for us to even take on specific developments for users in a small number of units, beginning with an initial piece.

The company employs a total of three members of staff.